Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General, Sheikh Naim Qasem:

To the West: Do you expect to be able to single out the Palestinian resistance? The resistance is no longer a party, group, or region, but rather entire peoples.

We are concerned with maintaining the pace of confrontation as we see fit, in a way that serves the victory of the resistance, the liberation of Palestine and Al-Aqsa, and what serves our nation.

Today we are in the heart of the battle and we are making achievements.

There are 3 “Israeli” divisions present opposite Hezbollah, while there are 5 divisions opposite Gaza.

As events unfold, if something arises that calls for our greater intervention, we will do so.

What we are doing in south Lebanon now is at a level compatible with the confrontation, and if the matter requires more than that, we will do so. The enemy is confused about what to do.

If the enemy intervenes further, matters will expand, and we tell those who contact us that “Israel” must stop the aggression first so that the conflict does not expand.

We are not obliged to clarify our plan. The enemy must be content with the defeat he suffered, otherwise he will suffer a greater defeat and have no hope of victory.


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