COCT noise nuisance by-law remains issue for mosques


(Picture: Hindustan Times)

Places of worship continue to be targeted by the City of Cape Town’s noise nuisance by-law despite mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis claim that this has been resolved.

In the latest Muhammadiyah Masjied in Salt River was hand delivered a notice after a complaint about the call to prayer, the Athaan. According to the mosque committee’s spokesperson on this matter Anwar Omer it’s the first time that it has received such a formal complaint. The 1906 mosque has sounded the call to prayer for over a century for the five daily prayers.

It notes that the notice came just over two weeks after the mayor announced that it had updated the by-law and that noise disturbances would exempt places of worship. But it’s believed the update fails to go far enough as it still allows complaints to be lodged but it would need to be addressed sensitively.

The mosque committee is expected to meet with the mayor in the coming days. It plans to insist that the contents of the meeting are disseminated in the public space in the interest of transparency.


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