Claims of budget cuts being austerity measures are unfounded – Godongwana


[Picture: Jikelo / African News Agency]

Treasury has denied claims from labour federations that it cut budgets across departments, in what some have described as austerity measures. 

The minister shot back saying these calls are unfounded because the country has increased social spending over the last three years. 

Ahead of the Budget Speech, unions expressed their concern over the impact potential budget cuts would have on social spending and other programmes affecting labour. In 2021, then Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announced R264 billion in spending cuts over the next three years. 

Meanwhile, citizens say they are forced to have more than two jobs to survive due to the high cost of living. Radio 786 spoke to members of the public to hear their budget expectations and concerns. 

Some members of the public have expressed their frustration over the low pension amount, and questioned how a pension of R1890 per month can cover both a pensioner’s needs and that children are fed.



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