Chasing Adam: “Get out there and get moving!”


Picture: Radio 786

Adam Jacobs, a 22-year-old Capetonian, has built the inspiring ‘Chasing Adam’ brand around his passion for cycling and his message to “get out there and get moving.”

On July 6th, at 10:00 AM, outside Rook Cycles in Bree Street, Cape Town, Adam will embark on a remarkable journey around the African continent.

This ride is not just a personal challenge but a mission to raise funds for Waves for Change (W4C), a non-profit organization running Surf Therapy programs to support the mental health of vulnerable children in South Africa.

Adam’s journey will take him through 34 countries, and he plans to share his experiences through weekly reflective blog posts and social media updates. With a fundraising goal of R100,000, Adam hopes to make a significant impact on the lives of children benefiting from W4C’s programs.

Guest: Adam Jacobs


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