Brackenfell: Police Target Anti-Racism Protesters


Stun grenades and police intimidation met a group of Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) members as they protested racism in Brackenfell.
The police cautioned the group that as they did not have a permit to demonstrate, they would not be allowed to hold their protest.
The PAC was in the area to march on the local high school to call for effective transformation as further reports of alleged racism have surfaced from past and present learners. The protest also wanted the police to take action against the Brackenfell residents who attacked EFF members last week.
However, as Radio 786 witnessed on Wednesday afternoon, the police employs different approaches when dealing with white and black people.
The PAC’s protest leaders told their members that their plan to march would not go ahead, as the police, law enforcement, and several unmarked cars outnumbered them.
Even so, a police water canon descended on the scene, and police in riot gear started forcing the group away from Paradise Park.
The PAC has vowed to join the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) demonstration, which is set to take place this Friday.
There have been several developments in the area since last week’s clash, which include the intimidation and threats made to people who have spoken out against the alleged racism exhibited at the school. The protest also saw several EFF members being assaulted by community members, and the Western Cape Education Department has come under fire for its lack of action in addressing transformation at Brackenfell High School.


[Header image: Radio 786 / Brackenfell]


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