Bonteheuwel toddler dies at creche


The parents of an eight-month-old baby who died at a creche in Bonteheuwel want answers.

Mohammed Qiran Canterbury had reportedly died at the Vanguard Hospital after suffering a short illness a few hours after he was dropped off at Linda’s daycare on Friday.

Mohammed’s father, Tashreeq Canterbury, says that their son had been attending the facility for three months, along with his 2-year-old sister. Canterbury says that Mohammed showed no signs of illness when he dropped the kids off at daycare before heading to work. The family says that the daycare only told them that Mohammed had been fed at about 10am before falling asleep for two hours.

One of the attending teachers discovered that there was something wrong with the baby and rushed him to hospital.

The owner of the daycare, Linda Theunissen, has refused to comment on advisement from her lawyer. Linda’s daycare is not registered on the list of Early Childhood Development Centres in the province.

Bishop Lavis police are investigating the matter, and await the outcomes of the post-mortem assessment.


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