Bethlehem under Israeli Siege


Ramez Awwad

The Israeli settler-colonial policies enforced in Palestine even restrict religious freedoms.

Many Palestinians will not be able to fully enjoy the Christmas prayers or celebrations this weekend, as the Zionist regime prevents them from visiting religious sites during holy weeks.

Founder and President of Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture in Bethlehem, Reverend Mitri Raheb says that Christians in Palestine are denied access to Al Quds during this time.

Muslims face similar battles during Ramadaan. Raheb says the Zionists try to control every aspect of Palestinians’ lives.

He was speaking as Palestinians are once again preparing to observe Christmas under brutal Israeli occupation.

He says that Maryam (AS) is a symbol of resistance, and her story is like that of thousands of Palestinian mothers who watch as their children are brutalised by the Israeli regime.

Raheb notes that Bethlehem, believed to be the home of Prophet Isa (AS), is also under Israeli siege.


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