Athlone family vindicated over electricity meter “tampering”


(Picture: Radio 786 / FILE)

The City of Cape Town’s energy distribution department has had to backtrack after accusing an Athlone household of tampering with their electricity meter.

At the time, the City had begun deducting money every time the household bought electricity to make up the sanction of over R20 000. Officials later realised that the meter was defective and had not been tampered with. This was after the family flagged the deductions from their electricity purchases.

In a letter following the investigation, the City confirmed that it would no longer be making those deductions, and had told the customer over the phone, that they would be reimbursed for the money that had already been taken off.

The household only picked up the deductions to their electricity purchases after their old meter was replaced by City officials.

The municipality views any changes, and subsequent changes to electricity use, as indicators that the devices have been illegally altered. But many residents accused of this, say that they were not notified of these allegations, nor have they been given an opportunity to challenge the claim.


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