AUDIO Athlone community marks slain vets birthday with protest against crime


[Picture: Radio 786/Ruqayyah Seria]

Almost three months after his killing, the community of Garlandale in Athlone,marked the birthday of slain vet Dr Natheem Jacobs with a protest in the area.

Braving the chilly, wet weather and loadshedding, leaders in the community expressed their dismay at the ongoing lack of safety in the country.

People Against Gangesterism and Drugs(Pagad) representative, Cassiem Parker lamented the lack of law and order, “The consequence for crime in South Africa is nothing. There is no consequence if you are caught stealing, raping, murdering, hijacking… At the end of the day, this is the problem”.

Jacobs was killed when he tried to stop criminals who were trying to strip his vehicle during the early hours of the morning. He would have turned 28 this week.

The demonstration comes as a suspect has appeared in court in connection with his killing. the Jacobs family says it will oppose bail when the suspect, Jacon Williams makes his second appearance in court next week.

Williams is believed to be part of a syndicate that targets vehicles parked outside.

Radio 786’s News Editor Ruqayyah Seria attended the demonstration and captured the community’s sentiment.


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