Apartheid inquests expose regime cover-ups


Picture: Radio 786
The truth about Apartheid should not have been covered under a shroud of forgiveness for the sake of moving beyond South Africa’s painful past. Muslim Views editor, Farid Sayed notes that the inquests into the deaths of anti-apartheid activists are proving that there is still much to be uncovered, and that each victim has their own story. He was speaking as this week marked Freedom Day, and saw further arguments being submitted in the reopened inquest into Imam Abdullah Haron’s death in detention. The Haron family’s lawyer, Advocate Howard Varney had detailed the extent of the failures of justice under Apartheid. Sayed argues, that the victims’ families have been living with the loss for decades, and have been burdened to take on the role of the post-Apartheid government to set the records straight on how their loved-ones were killed.


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