African activists reject Apartheid Israel at “historic” meeting


[Picture: Afro-Palestine Newswire Service]

Africa must become an apartheid-free zone. That’s the declaration of a historic meeting of activists from 21 African countries in the Senegalese capital Dakar. The three day meeting led by the Senegalese Palestine Solidarity Platform and Amnesty International lamented Apartheid Israel’s chipping away of the continent’s long-standing support for Palestinian liberation.

They note that this is being achieved through the occupation entity’s supply of weapons and spy technology to repressive African governments. A clear sign of Israel helping to undermine democracy and human rights on the continent.

Delegates also expressed worry over the disturbing influence of Christian Zionism which seeks to provide a theological justification for Israel’s crime of apartheid. They resolved to combat the abuse of Christianity, intensify the fight against Israel’s apartheid practices; isolate the occupation entity and push the African Union to revoke Israel’s accreditation.


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