Radio 786 is a leading multi-award-winning broadcaster that serves the listenership in the Cape Metropole. Its digital footprint extends beyond the community of Cape Town with audiences found across the globe.

The diverse range of content  provides businesses with an opportunity to target and reach niche audiences with directed marketing campaigns.

The Radio 786 follower is discerning, conscious, and refined. The station is positioned in the LSM 5-10, demonstrative of the buying power of its audience.

Why on radio?

–          It is personal

–          Direct audience penetration

–          Unhindered reach

–          New audiences

–          High prospects for growth

Why on Radio 786?

–          Established integrity

–          Radio 786’s listener is discerning

–          We are an exclusive launch vehicle for multiple small and medium-sized businesses

–          An investment with Radio 786 is an investment in the community

Our Products

–          Radio Spot Advertising

–          Live Reads

–          Programme Sponsorship

–          Outside Broadcasts

–          Social Media

–          Video advertising services

–          Website advertising

–          Events advertising


News Headlines

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