Activists target Israeli weapons trade supporters


Picture: @QudsNEN / Twitter

International activists have once again shown their support of Palestinians as Gazans assess the impact of the latest Israeli attacks on the enclave.

In the English town of Tamworth, Palestine Action members threw red paint on the ‘Good Packing Company’ over its packaging and transportation of weapons to the Zionist entity.

The group has been active in highlight company’s complicity in Israeli war crimes.

This action comes as the ANC has criticised the Zionist entity for investing in weapons to massacre Palestinians.

In a statement, the party called on the Israelis to focus on negotiations towards peace.

The ANC also noted that there are entities that have ensured that Apartheid Israel is optimally equipped militarily to perpetrate these kinds of aggression against Palestinians.

The death toll from the past three days of Israeli attacks has reached 44, with 20 people critically injured.

Hospitals in Gaza have for years struggled to treat their patients as the Israeli-imposed siege has denied key infrastructure and resources into the enclave.

A total of 360 Palestinians has been wounded in the Israeli airstrikes.

Of this, 151 are children.


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