A cycle of maintenance and breakdowns dogging Eskom


Picture: Eskom

Eskom has no choice but to continue enforcing Stage 6 load shedding as several power stations need time to recover their reserves.

Speaking during government’s weekly energy update, Eskom’s engineering general manager, Thomas Conradie noted that its open cycle gas turbines also need to restock diesel reserves.

He says that these stocks are dwindling, and with the recovery of other power plants, the open cycle gas turbines must be given a breather.

The turbines were meant to be used as backups in the likelihood of load shedding, however, they’ve become an integral part in preventing a total shutdown of South Africa’s electrical grid.

But they guzzle diesel, which is becoming more expensive.

Conradie says that the heavy rains in the north of the country have also impacted Eskom’s coal stocks.


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