89 000 Zimbabwean immigrants arrested & deported


[Picture: Phill Magakoe/ AFP]

More than 89 000 illegal Zimbabwean immigrants have been arrested and deported at South Africa’s border.

The immigrants flocked to neighbouring South Africa and Botswana in search of better lives and job opportunities due to the dire state of Zimbabwe’s economic and political crisis.

Former president of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Peter Mutasa says unions, civil groups, and human rights activists have warned neighbouring countries about Zimbabwe’s crisis, but the warning fell on deaf ears.

“Deportation isn’t the answer, and it isn’t enough for South Africa to just push Zimbabwean nationals back where they cannot get livelihoods,” says Mutasa.

The country’s failing economic and political system has been blamed on the ZanuPF government. Analysts note that the party is failing to provide Zimbabweans with jobs and meet their basic needs.


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