A Zionist Nazi holocaust is being committed against the Palestinian people from the 1948 Nakba to Gaza today. That’s the description of the Head of the Government Media Office in Gaza, Salama Ma’rouf who was referring the Israeli enemy’s widespread bombing and destruction project in the enclave.

In less than three weeks more than 6500 Palestinians have been slaughtered and over 17 000 others wounded. That translates to Israel killing 325 people each day in Gaza.

The Zionist entity is also seeking to make Gaza uninhabitable, and it wants to expel Palestinians from their land. It has been targeting the water, electricity, and sewage networks, taking many of them out of service.

Ma’rouf says more than 183,000 housing units have been damaged due to the ongoing aggression. At least 50% of the housing units in the Gaza Strip, including more than 28,500 housing units, have been flattened. A total of 35 mosques and three churches has sustained significant damage. Public facilities including schools have also been targeted.


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