The West Bank town of Jenin has yet again stood defiantly against the invading Israeli occupation forces.

The Palestinian resistance fighters thwarted the Zionist attempt to storm the area. It says casualties were inflicted on the coward Israeli occupation soldiers.

Four Palestinians were martyred in a US backed Israeli air attack on the Jenin. It’s the second such airstrike this week.

The resistance group Saraya Al-Quds in Jenin says the enemy’s use of warplanes during the direct confrontations with their fighters is clear evidence of the cowardice of the Israeli occupation soldier, their inability to confront directly, their helplessness in front of the resistance fighters.

Saraya Al-Quds reaffirmed that they are ready for confrontations at all times and under any circumstances.

Other parts of the West Bank also witnessed Israeli attacks including Nablus, the Dheisheh camp in Bethlehem, Beit Ummar in Al Khalil. Homes were raided and scores of Palestinians kidnapped. It’s part of the Zionist entity’s suppression campaign to try and stop Palestinians from supporting their people in Gaza.


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