The Israeli occupation entity is deliberately driving hospitals in Gaza out of service as it denies them fuel.

These hospitals are responsible for the treatment of the more than 18 000 Palestinians who have been wounded in the US backed aggression.

The Indonesian Hospital is the latest to have no electricity, putting scores of patients at risk – meaning their health situation will either deteriorate or they will die. They are effectively being killed by Israel.

Gaza’s Health Ministry’s Director General, Munir Al-Bursh says what is happening in their hospitals constitutes war crimes. He says the power outages will lead to death of premature babies.

On the issue of aid Al Bursh notes that they have not received a single piece of aid.

He explained that the aid enters the Rafah crossing, gets transported to the Kafr Abu Salem crossing, where Israeli occupation forces inspect it and then return it to Rafah to get distributed. The ministry says it’s a slow process and cannot change the dire humanitarian catastrophe playing out in Gaza.


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