Yemen has warned the US backed Israeli occupation regime that is if it persists with its onslaught on Gaza, it will target the Zionist ships in the Red Sea.

Yemen’s Prime Minister Abdulaziz bin Habtour’s warning came days after missiles and drones were fired at the Zionist entity.

Sana’a claimed responsibility for the resistance operation saying some of the missiles were intercepted by the US warships, but others reached their intended targets.

Yemen is part of the Axis of Resistance.

The Iraqi resistance has also been targeting the US occupation’s bases in the country while Lebanon’s Hezbollah is confronting the Israeli enemy on the border with occupied Palestine. It has forced thousands of Israeli colonial settlers to flee. The Zionist entity has so far cleared 14 illegal settlements out of a wider plan to clear a total of 43. They are situated within 5km of the Lebanon-Palestine border. In the Gaza envelope over 200 000 illegal settlers have been forced into displacement. The Palestinian resistance has said that it will be displacement for displacement.


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