Deep divisions are showing within the European Commission as the bloc’s president, Ursula von der Leyen has been criticised for her uncontrolled support for the Israeli occupation entity and its crimes.

In a letter more than 800 EU staffers say there is a seeming indifference by the institution towards the ongoing massacre of civilians in Gaza which disregards human rights and international humanitarian law.

The signatories called the commission for its double standards. It points that the Commission had slammed the Russian blockade of Ukraine as an act of terror, but the nearly 17-year-old ‘Israeli’ blockade of Gaza is completely ignored.

The EU staffers say the Commissions actions and position give a free hand to the acceleration and the legitimacy of a war crime in Gaza.

Von der Leyen has been told to call for a ceasefire and for the protection of civilian life. It warns that the EU risks losing all credibility due to its “Israeli” favoured position.


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