The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine says that the Axis of Resistance is employing the most effective response to the Zionist regime’s crimes of genocide against their people.

The liberation movement hailed resistance fighters for their heroism, who will eventually achieve victory and defeat the coalition of aggression.

It has welcomed Hezbollah and the resistance in Iraq’s actions to light the fires that will consume the US-backed aggressor’s army.

In the case of Iraq, the resistance has targeted American occupation bases, which has been described as the epitome of evil and aggression.

It also warned of a time when the Yemeni resistance will launch its strikes on the US fleets edging closer to their shores.

This warning from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, shows that the resistance is fully aware of the destructive role that the US is playing in terrorising the people of Palestine and the Middle East.

The group says that this is evident in how the US, Britain, and France, took the UN’s Security Council hostage, by siding with the Israeli regime.


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