Zionist Israel’s attack on a church in Gaza is another crime against religious places and defenseless civilians.

At least 40 people were reportedly massacred and dozens of others are said to still be trapped under the rubble after the occupation’s warplanes bombarded the 2,000-year-old Greek Orthodox Church causing it to collapse.

It’s the third oldest church in the world.

People had taken refuge in the church and thought it would be safe from the Israeli aggression. But this was not the case.

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says the deliberate targeting of the church, which came two days after the Baptist Hospital massacre, requires strong condemnation from the international community and from the councils of churches across the globe, to put a stop to these atrocities.

The head of the Greek Orthodox Church in occupied Al-Quds Archbishop Atallah Hanna has echoed the call. He urged the Pope, religious authorities across the world to raise their voice in support of the people of the besieged Gaza Strip.


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