Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Slams Israel’s Nazi Complex

The heinous massacre committed by the criminal Zionist enemy against the sick, children, and women in the square of the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital “Al-Maamdaani” in Gaza City is the clearest expression of the aggression of this criminal and bloodthirsty entity suffering from a Nazi complex.

The timing of this brutal massacre, which is a documented war crime, on the eve of the visit of the American President Joe Biden to the Zionist war council which is preparing for an invasion of Gaza, indicates that the spiteful American administration is the one leading this war with the aim of implementing the scheme they promote for the displacement of our people in the Gaza Strip to Sinai.

The shameful incapacity of Arab governments, and their inability so far to even impose a corridor for the entry of food, medicines, and necessary first aid, is evidence that the official Arab system has decayed to the core.

We affirm that these massacres will not intimidate us, nor will they drive our people to abandon their land. Instead, they will increase our adherence to resistance and the continuous targeting of the cowardly enemy, the killer of children, women, and the sick.

The enemy will see what we have prepared in terms of strength and resolve that comforts the hearts of the believers.


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