President Cyril Ramaphosa’s pledge of solidarity with Palestine has been labelled hollow. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign says the president’s recent address was strong on words but weak on action and reflects a long trend of the ANC’s political disengagement from the Palestinian struggle.

The PSC says meaningful solidarity action to halt Israel’s colonial genocide against Palestinians requires putting pressure on the Apartheid entity by implementing a comprehensive boycott and sanction plan. It has recommended starting with the following:

  • Expel the Israeli ambassador
  • Shutdown the Israeli embassy
  • Strengthen visa requirements for Israeli citizens to South Africa
  • Investigate the apartheid Zionist curriculum in Jewish private schools, which violates the SA Schools Act
  • Campaigning for – and implementing – an arms embargo on Israel
  • Prosecute South African volunteers for the Israeli Occupation Force, who violate the regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Act and those organisations like the SA Zionist Federation for aiding and abetting this illegal activity and promoting racism that goes against the South Africa’s Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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