Now the resistance in Lebanon, Hezbollah, has responded to the Israeli murder of Reuters photojournalist, Issam Al-Abdullah. The resistance group says that what the Zionist regime has done, is a continuation of their criminal aggression against media institutions in Gaza.

The regime has destroyed the headquarters of several media houses, and killed large number of their employees in order to prevent the transmission of the crimes and images of the savage aggression against civilians and innocents.

Notably, the international mainstream media still remains silent on who had murdered and targeted these journalists. They have just referred to them as having died while covering the battles, but have not named the Zionist regime for yet another crime.

Hezbollah says that “Israel” is the aggressor that clearly and unequivocally killed journalist Issam Al-Abdullah in front of local and international journalists who were present during the attack.

Hezbollah has also warned that the Israeli murder of Lebanese citizens and residents on home soil, and any attack to the country’s security will not pass without an appropriate response and punishment.


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