While you were sleeping…

US-funded Israeli warplanes have targeted a building west of Gaza City, killing several Palestinians. The airstrikes targeted Beit Lahia.

In Rafah, three Palestinians were murdered when the regime hit their home. Several other Palestinians are missing following this morning’s bombardments.

The Zionist attacks on the besieged enclave have been occurring from the air and sea, as the regime continues its brutal bombardments of Gaza.

While the death toll in Gaza is expected to rise, the Health Ministry placed the figure at 1 900 last night. The victims include 614 children, and 370. The number of injured stands at 7 696. In the space of 24 hours 256 Palestinians were killed in Gaza. The victims include 20 children, with over 1700 injured in that period.

Hamas has affirmed that Palestinians are rejecting all forms of displacement from their land. It says that last night’s massacre in Gaza on several convoys fleeing threatened Israeli airstrikes, reveals the extent of the lies and deceit of the Zionist regime.

In the occupied lands…

Al Qassam Brigades engaged Zionist occupation forces who stormed the Jenin refugee camp. They also fought the IOF in the Ain al Sultan and Aqabat Jabr camps in Areeha.

The Zionist regime has also invaded Nablus, abducting several Hamas members.


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