Despite the Israeli attempts to prevent Palestinians from entering Al Aqsa for Friday prayers, more than 5 000 have entered the holy sanctuary and performed Jumuah. This forms part of Palestinians’ defense of their land and the holy Al Aqsa mosque compound. Hamas senior representative, Osama Hamdan has told Radio 786 that the Zionists had planned to take over Al Aqsa after last week’s Jewish holiday, to build what they call the Solomon Temple, and build further illegal settlements. He says that this is one of the reasons that Palestinians launched Operation Al Aqsa Flood last Saturday.

Hamdan revealed that the Palestinian Resistance is operating on multiple levels. These include directly attacking the Zionist military ground machine and ground troops. He says that this kind of fight would essentially render the regime’s fighter jets useless. Hamdan notes that the Israelis’ fear of a ground operation is the reason behind its incessant bombardment of Gaza. He reminded the enemy that the Resistance is not made up of normal fighters. Instead, they have the conviction that victory only comes from the Creator, so they will do their best on the battlefield.


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