Full statement of Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman, Abu Obeida

The criminal, tyrannical, and cowardly enemy who summoned the forces of injustice and tyranny to surround him with their warships, in order to make his people feel safe is more weak and cowardly than to attempt to displace our people from their land twice.

O loyal, fighting sons of our people, you are the ones who are now displacing the zionist enemy from your occupied lands, and you are the ones who crushed the enemy army in the Gaza Strip and destroyed its military confidence with your youth, men, and heroes.

Thanks to Allah Almighty, since this morning, in response to the barbaric zionist destruction machine, we have directed 150 missiles towards Asqalan and 50 missiles towards the “Sderot” settlement, and we bombed “Ben Gurion” Airport, and we still have much, much more in store in the coming hours.

We say to the enemy on the one hand and we reassure our people on the other hand that displacement is not present in our dictionary except the one of return to Asqalan, Al-Quds, Haifa, Yaffa, and all of Palestine, with the help of Allah Almighty.

Stand firm, o sons of our heroic people, and know that the psychological warfare that the zionist enemy is practicing against you through threats and attempted displacement aims to create a false image of victory for itself in front of its audience.

The enemy, throughout its dirty, dark history, does not recognize safe areas and does not pay attention to covenants or charters, and it practices murder and criminality, as you see in the entire Gaza Strip, as collective punishment of our people and as a war crime that shames humanity.

O sons of our people, send a message to this enemy and to every free person in the world with your steadfastness and stubbornness, so be patient, O stationed people, for victory is patient for an hour, and those who have wronged are going to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned.


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