Bolstering the African Voice

As it marks twenty years of broadcasting excellence, Radio 786 is reaching out to media across Africa.

At a symposium to be held on Thursday, 10 September 2015 academics, journalist and media experts from the global south will engage on issues affecting emerging states and their impact on societies. Among the panel of experts, the vision is for a new path to be forged on how to better report on such issues and reshape the African narrative.

In an era of the “African renaissance”, Africa has witnessed renewed interest from both the west and east. However, while a number of African media entities has emerged, mainstream voices continue to dominate. Now is the time for African media voices to tower not only with the real, honest, lived narrative of life on the continent but also in formulating the aspirations of Africans.

The media conference therefore will assess where Africa finds itself, share knowledge and experiences with fellow media from the global south including influential broadcasters in Latin America, Australia, the Middle East and elsewhere who have managed to break from the mainstream narrative.

Ultimately the symposium will try to establish an African model that gives rise to a dynamic African narrative not influenced by western misconception.

One of the goals of the Symposium is to establish a platform for African media to network, dialogue, share resources and ideas with the intention of strengthening the African Voice.  (see attached provisional programme).

The Symposium will be followed by the Radio 786 annual Gala Dinner on Friday the 11th September at the Cape Town Soccer Stadium. This event will maintain the theme of the Symposium and will feature a panel discussion by prominent academics and world leaders in media.